Written by: Maurice Wright

1. Name the prophet below who God told to walk naked and barefooted for three years?
      A  Amos.
      B  Isaiah.
      C  Ezekiel.
      D  Obadiah.
      E  Zephaniah.
2. What is the age that God considers people accountable or responsible for their actions.
      A  God considers the age of accountability, from 12 years old and upward.
      B  God considers the age of accountability, from 16 years old and upward.
      C  God considers the age of accountability, from 18 years old and upward.
      D  God considers the age of accountability, from 20 years old and upward.
      E  There is no recorded age of accountability, that is written in Godís word.
3. Name the husband and wife who died because they lie to the Holy Spirit?
      A  Hermas and Diana.
      B  Aquila and Priscilla.
      C  Ananias and Sapphira.
      D  Philologus and Tryphena.
4. Which religious sect below did not believe in the resurrection?
      A  Pharisees.
      B  Sadducees.
5. The mystery that is written in the forehead, is the mark of Satanís fraudulent gospel.
      A  True.
      B  False.
6. What is the Biblical definition of the word bastard in Deuteronomy 23:2?
      A  Someone born of a Jewish mother, and a heathen father.
      B  Someone born of a Jewish father, and a heathen mother.
7. What was the prophet Danielís Babylonian name?
      A  Belteshazzar.
      B  Nebushasban.
      C  Nebuzar-adan.
8. When we die and go to heaven are we considered angels?
      A  Yes.
      B  No.
      C  There is no way that we on earth can know for sure.
9. Does Christ return for the Church His Elect before the tribulation or after the tribulation?
      A  Christ will return for the true Church His Elect, after Satanís tribulation.
      B  Christ will return for the true Church His Elect, before Satanís tribulation.
      C  Christ will return for the true Church His Elect, in the middle of Satanís tribulation.
10. What did Christ tell us to do when someone will not receive the Gospel?
      A  Shake the dust off your feet when you depart from them.
      B  Pray for them, and believe the Holy Spirit will cause them to see the truth.
      C  Then you should stop sharing the gospel with them, but approach them at a later date.
11. What natural method did God use to divide the waters of the red sea?
      A  God cause a strong east wind to blow and divide the sea.
      B  Moses touch the water with his rod and caused the red sea to divide.
      C  The scripture do not tell us how God divided the water of the red sea.
      D  God caused a strong tornado to develop over the red sea to divide the water.
12. What was Solomonís God given name?
      A  Salma.
      B  Jedidiah.
      C  Jorkoam.
      D  Shallum.
      E  Jerahmeel.
13. What is the Greek definition of the word proselyte?
      A  Someone who is a convert to Judaism.
      B  Someone who is learned in Jewish law.
      C  Someone who is a convert to Christianity.