Written by: Maurice Wright

1. What is the age that God considers people accountable or responsible for their actions?
      A  God considers the age of accountability, from 12 years old and upward.
      B  God considers the age of accountability, from 16 years old and upward.
      C  God considers the age of accountability, from 18 years old and upward.
      D  God considers the age of accountability, from 20 years old and upward.
      E  There is no age of accountability that is written in Godís Word.
2. "I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form and void; and the heavens, had no light." What verse in the bible does the scripture above come from?
      A  Isaiah 45:18
      B  Genesis 1:2
      C  Jeremiah 4:23
      D  Lamentations 4:11-14
3. Name the city below where the disciples were first called Christians?
      A  Judaea.
      B  Antioch.
      C  Samaria.
      D  Capernaum.
4. Name the apostle below who took Judas Iscatiotís place after he betrayed Jesus Christ?
      A  Justus.
      B  Matthias.
      C  Paul.
      D  Stephen.
5. What does the word ĎAmení means in the Hebrew and Greek?
      A  So be it.
      B  Alleluia.
      C  Praise the Lord.
6. When we die and go to heaven are we considered angels?
      A  Yes.
      B  No.
      C  There is no way that we on earth can know for sure.
7. Does the Bible say, "If a man will not work, neither should he eat"?
      A  Yes.
      B  No.
8. Name the one thing that God said will follow you to heaven?
      A  Your faith.
      B  Your works.
9. Name the two entities who will be cast in the lake of fire before Christ 1,000 year reign on earth?
      A  The devil, and the false prophet.
      B  The beast, and the false prophet.
      C  The dragon, and the false prophet.
      D  The serpent, and the false prophet.
10. How many books of the Bible are there written in the Old and the New Testaments?
      A  There are 65 books of the Bible written in the Old and the New Testaments.
      B  There are 66 books of the Bible written in the Old and the New Testaments.
      C  There are 70 books of the Bible written in the Old and the New Testaments.
11. There are twelve tribes of the Nation of Israel, which tribe is the smallest in number?
      A  Reuben.
      B  Simeon.
      C  Judah.
      D  Issachar.
      E  Zebulun.
      F  Ephraim.
      G  Manasseh.
      H  Benjamin.
      I  Dan.
      J  Asher.
      K  Gad.
      L  Naphtali.
12. What natural method did God use to divide the waters of the red sea?
      A  God caused a strong east wind to blow and divided the red sea.
      B  Moses touch the water with his rod and caused the red sea to divide.
      C  The scriptures do not tell us how God divided the water of the red sea.
      D  God caused a strong tornado to develop over the red sea to divide the water.
13. Did Judas Iscariot repent after he betrayed Jesus Christ?
      A  Yes.
      B  No.
14. Name the tribe below that Daniel, Shadrach, Mishael, and abed-nego belonged to?
      A  The tribe of Dan.
      B  The tribe of Judah.
      C  The tribe of Issachar.
      D  The tribe of Naphtali.
      E  The tribe of Benjamin.
15. What were the Hebrew names of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego?
      A  Josiah, Hoshama, and Shelah.
      B  Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah.
      C  Nethaneel, Sheshan, and Jekamiah.
      D  Adonijah, Zerahiah, and Berachiah.
16. What does time, times, and an half represent in Bible prophecy?
      A  It represents the 3 Ĺ year period in the tribulation.
      B  It represents the 7 Ĺ year period in the tribulation.
      C  It represents the 3 Ĺ days, that the two witnesses will lie in the street of Jerusalem.
17. Abraham and Sarah was blood related, what blood relations were they?
      A  Abraham was Sarahís uncle.
      B  Abraham and Sarah were first cousins.
      C  Abraham and Sarah were brother and sister.
18. Are the feast of Unleavened bread and the Passover the same feast?
      A  Yes.
      B  No.
19. When we study the Scripture, does God consider that work?
      A  Yes.
      B  No.
20. What is the royal law according to scripture?
      A  Thou shalt not kill.
      B  The just shall live by faith.
      C  Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
      D  Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.
21. What is the Biblical definition of the word bastard in Deuteronomy 23:2?
      A  Someone born of a Jewish mother, and a heathen father.
      B  Someone born of a Jewish father, and a heathen mother.
22. What was the apostle Paulís occupation?
      A  Tentmaker.
      B  Carpenter.
      C  Fisherman.
      D  Tax-collector.
23. How many smooth stones did David take out of the brook before he killed Goliath, and what does the number of stones represent biblically?
      A  One.
      B  Three.
      C  Five.
      D  Seven.
24. What did Jesus tell us to do when someone will not receive the Gospel?
      A  Shake the dust off your feet when you depart from them.
      B  Pray for them, and believe the Holy Spirit will cause them to see the truth.
      C  Stop witnessing to them, God will call them when it is their time to receive salvation.
25. Were Adam and Eve both deceived by Satan in the Garden of Eden.
      A  Yes.
      B  No.